VW Sharan Friction Tester

Main Product Features

  • The Volkswagen Sharan CFME was designed to have outstanding, accuracy, reliability, serviceability, availability, and foremost to be a one-person operation. The Volkswagen Sharan Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME) has been produced with a removable 500-1200 liter water tank. The system has quick couplings that enables the water tank to be removed in less then 5 minutes. The vehicle can then be used with its seven passenger seats.

  • The ASFT Mark IV Rear-Axle System: is a new generation of surface friction testers based on the highly succesful MK II System. The rear-axle has a third smaller wheel on an arm (transmission arm) attached to it via a belt. This is the measuring wheel, and it gives friction readings that closely correlates with true friction values that is received from moving vehicles.

  • ASFT New Generation (NG) Computer System: Combines all our knowledge about friction testing and adds new technology to make the handling and administration of measure results easier, faster and safer. We have added all the functionality that you can expect from a system designed today. For more information click here.
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