Computer upgrade

Starting in 2023, we will offer you to upgrade your existing friction tester:

- New PLC based measure computer, replacing our MPC. Reduced lead times and no longer any risk of spare parts becoming obsolete.

- Upgrade applicable to both SARSYS and ASFT friction testers. Recommended for any system older than 5 years.

-  Self regulating electric water pump keeping the right water pressure at all times.

- ASFT NG in our presentation PC (PPC).

- Optional printer installed or PDF report sent via email.

- Automatic calibration process.

- Integrated with MIDAS and SNAp 2.0 (optional).

- Annual maintenance and calibration with delivery protocol.

The PLC computer upgrade is performed in our facilities in Köpingebro, Sweden and we assist with the transport of the vehicle to and from Sweden.

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