Road/Runway Weather Information Systems

Guessing is alright. Knowing is better!

Safety is the primary objective for airports and runways all over the world. Weather is a major, unpredictable variable. Storms, rain, poor visibility icy conditions etc reduce the runway safety. This makes weather management a key component for any operator.

Using the right sensing and forecasting equipment enables you to plan proper and safer responses to varying runway conditions. Moreover, you will reduce winter maintenance costs and ease your environmental impact.

SARSYS-ASFT offers a range of services for roads, railways and airports, including weather and surface condition monitoring, warning, and forecasting. Our systems have been operational for more than 30 years, and have proven to be remarkably reliable, with low maintenance requirements. Our open system design and versatile platforms give you the flexibility for unlimited integration and future development.

Early warning signals save time, money and the environment because de-icing and snow removal is precisely targeted, more effective and less wasteful. In short, we bring the weather down to earth.


All airports already have a weather information system, typically called AWOS. Then what is the difference between that AWOS and this new RWIS? The main difference lies in the basic and fundamental focus; The RWIS systems are designed especially for the needs and wishes from Winter OPS personnel and the information they require in order to make a good runway assessment and to take well founded winter maintenance decisions. SARSYS-ASFTs RWIS sytem is designed with this in mind regarding both the types of data and information going into the system but also in the way the data is presented.

Open systems for flexibility and scalability

SARSYS-ASFT offers complete solutions and systems for monitoring and forecasting weather-, surface- and runway conditions. From planning and thermal mapping, to implementation and integration. We can also supply single sensors or subsystems, such as our freezing-point surveillance system that lets you know when conditions are becoming icy and dangerous - before they become critical. So you have time to do something about it.

Benefits of an RWIS-system

  • Firm information on the current condition and trends
  • More effective winter-maintanace
  • Safer runways
  • Better forecast modells >> better local weather forecasts
  • Better weather forecasts >> better readiness
  • Reduced costs for maintanace
  • Less environmenatal impact