Mobile, Fixed or Portable

Information on when and where new de-icing is required

Frensor® is a patented solution for an exact detection of the freezing point temperature on roads and runways. It was originally developed due to the desire to optimize (minimize) the use of deicing on Swedish roads. 

The Frensor® actively heats and cools the fluid to determine the exact freezing point and is independent of the de-icing chemical used. The correct freezing point is detected without special calibration, even if the fluid is contaminated with unknown chemicals.

By using the Frensor® in the mobile version it is possible to perform freezing point mapping for any area. The presented output is in the form of a map over the covered area, showing the different freezing temperatures and surface temperatures of that area. This information can then be used to determine the amount of de-icing fluid (e.g. salt) to be spread at different sections of the road or runway and where no new de-icing is needed.

Using the Frensor® in a fixed version, the output can be presented as a graph, displaying the changes in surface-temperature and freezing point over time. This information can be used to forecast when the spreading of new de-icing fluid (e.g. salt) will be required, and even more interesting; when no new de-icing is needed because the protection on the road or runway is adequate.

The third version the Frensor® comes in, is the portable FboX™. The FboX™ is a fully stand-alone, portable freezing-point detection system and can be used to manually collect and analyze samples anywhere.

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