The water system

Optional equipment for functional measuring

What is the purpose of a water system?

Self-watering systems simulate potentially dangerous conditions that suddenly exist when a dry surface becomes wet.  A water film directed onto the measured surface in front of the measurement tire simulates the surface conditions present for rainy weather. The rain simulation is an integral part of functional friction measuring, performed to analyze the maintenance status of the measured infrastructure surface with regard for regulating protocols.

The SARSYS-ASFT Water System

SARSYS-ASFT water systems are an integrated part of the CFME system.  A water tank is installed in CFME vehicles or installed on the towing vehicle for trailer CFMEs.  The water system, a product of a SARSYS-ASFT continuous improvement process, is completely automated using an electrically driven pump controlled by the NG computer system.  The NG computer system receives continuous inputs for the water flow and automatically regulates the water pump to the speed of the friction tester.   By the touch of a button, the water film is correct and according to regulating protocol specifications!


The SARSYS-ASFT automatically regulated water system is easier to use and is very efficient.  Traditional self-watering systems, using mechanically driven pumps, require the operator to calibrate based on water pressure and speed.  An error in speed or in calibration can cause an erroneous friction measurement!  The SARSYS-ASFT water system distribution is fully automated and based on the operator’s selection for the desired measuring protocol.  There is no requirement for operator intervention during the friction measurement!  Water usage is optimized based on computer automation which assists the operator to achieve the maximum usage of the water in the water tank!