about MIDAS

Multi Information Data Assessment System

MIDAS is a Collaborative Runway Assessment Platform for processing vast amounts and various types of input. Through MIDAS data can be viewed, and complete runway assessments can be performed. Collected data is visualized and can be monitored in different views such as graphs, tables and maps. With MIDAS all collected data can be monitored in real time or be broughtforth retrospectively.

Combine with weather-, surface- and other data

With MIDAS the user has the possibility to view data from multiple systems - both from mobile measuring-units (like for instance a friction-tester) as well as from stationary sensors (for instance embedded surface temperature sensors, surface-state sensors, precipitation sensors, wind, visibility etc).
With all the data in one system from both mobile units collecting data over the entire infrastructure, as well as data from fixed sensors continuously sampling data over time, the user will have complete information of the condition at a glance.

On any screen, anywhere

MIDAS is web-based and can therefore be accessed and viewed through any internet-connected computer or device through a secure login. The userinterface is responsive and can thus be viewed on a regular desktop, laptop, workstation or a tablet, like for instance an iPad.

Integrate seamlessly past, present and future

In MIDAS it is possible to integrate a weather forecast, not just only for the weather in the sky, but also for the conditions on the runway. In the start view is the past, present and future runway conditions, as well as relevant general weather conditions presented. Through colour coding of information the user gets an update of the current conditions, the latest development and, very importantly, the forecast, all at a glance. How will the conditions of the runway develop in the near future!

The start view