The Dashboard

All relevant data for a runway in the same view

On the dashboard all relevant data for the current surface condition of your runway is displayed. The runway can be described as the heart, or the engine of an airport. Just like with an engine, it is therefore important to display the current status of the key parameters for good and safe operations. The dashboard-view enables just that by displaying all the key data relevant of the current condition for the Runway in one single view. This includes data from both fixed and mobile measuring systems, such as surface friction, runway surface temperature, runway contamination (type and depth), freezing point of contamination, precipitation, wind etc. With the open platform of MIDAS the information from different systems, including current systems like data from an AWOS, can be included. All displayed data is continuously updated, and for data extracted from mobile units, the data is presented with a time stamp. Every runway is unique; therefor each runway has its own dashboard where the user gets the relevant data for a quick runway assessment at glance.

midas All relevant data divided per runway, one dashboard per runway. Top row: Generic weather data. Bottom row: Runway specific data
midas2 Runway assessment

Open System - Integrate easily

Through the open system you can choose to include the data from already current systems and sensors to get the complete picture in MIDAS - for instance take the weather information from AWOS and complement it with an Early Ice Warning system with runway sensors.

Runway assessment performed with mobile units

Runway assessment is/can be performed with mobile units measuring, for instance the friction, but also surface temperature etc. The reported data can be averaged and reported per zone A, B and C

  • Friction
  • Surface temperature
  • Freezing point
  • Etc.

Runway assessment performed with embedded runway sensors

Runway assessment is/can also be done using embedded runway sensors for measurements and continuous reporting of the current condition of the runway; surface temperature, surface state (dry, wet, snow, ice etc)

  • Surface temperature
  • Freezing point temperature
  • Surface status (dry, wet, snow, ice etc)
  • Contaminant depth (waterfilm depth etc)
  • Etc.

Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) with Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM) can be automated by MIDAS

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