SARSYS Friction Tester eVito

Electronically powered friction testing

With up to 360 km range and great water loading capacity, Mercedes eVito is the future in sustainable friction measuring for large areas.

Using the SARSYS-ASFT world leading CFME, measuring results with SARSYS Friction Tester eVito will always be correct and reproducible.

The efficiency from the 150-kW electric motor, equivalent to 204 hp, together with the optimized batteries placed under the car floor presents a suitable host vehicle when it comes to comfort, load capacity, range, and motor output.
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The power of now

Electric vehicles are no longer the future – they are the present. Reducing carbon emissions while presenting equal vehicle quality, increased driver comfort, satisfying driving ranges and perfect friction measuring precision. Requiring less service due to reduced mechanical complexity, going electric effectively reduces maintenance costs.

The power of eVito presents maintained quality, water loading capacity and maximized driver comfort. No combustion engine means no noise from combustion process or moving parts, which not only reduces noise but also vibration.

For many reasons, electronically powered transport and friction testing is an obvious choice.

Accurate and reproducible data

The unique friction measuring system of SARSYS-ASFT eVito is a continuation of the genius skiddometer principle which was developed by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) and Saab automobile AB in the late 1950’s. Since then, it has of course been through a number of developments with two main focuses in mind: to measure accurate and reproducible data and being the most user-friendly
system in the market.


Accurate and reproducible data

Our friction measuring system achieves the first design objective using controlled variables.
Utilizing advanced sensors that accurately detect and measure the forces involved in the frictional
interaction, we can distinguish even minimal deviations with great precision which presents an exact friction value every time.


User-friendly friction measuring system

For the second design objective our goal was always – and is still – easy operation and comprehensive reporting. Our intuitive user interface and user-friendly controls make operating the SARSYS eVito Friction Tester a breeze. Minimal training is required, allowing your team to quickly adapt and seamlessly integrate this essential tool into your surface safety procedures.


Discover electrified surface safety

Don’t compromise on runway and road safety – elevate it to new heights with the SARSYS eVito Friction Tester. Discover the power of precise measurements, real-time data, and comprehensive data reporting transformed into surface safety. All this in an electrified and sustainable way.


MIDAS compatible

MIDAS is our collaborative runway assessment platform designed for processing vast amounts and various types of data relevant to runway safety and management. With a user-friendly interface MIDAS provides an overview from collected data in real time, presents data retrospectively and helps visualize future scenarios. All our friction measuring systems are compatible with MIDAS.

More about MIDAS

GRF and SNAp 2.0 integration

SNAp 2.0 is our app-based runway assessment software developed for simple, fast and accurate data collection to automate the process of filling out the GRF (Global Reporting Format). This tailor-made software for runway safety is built to to integrate friction data and other non-regulatory information that can be valuable to increase runway safety even further.

All SARSYS-ASFT friction testers are perfectly compatible with SNAp 2.0. The integration is quick, easy to start using, and instantly facilitates the process of filling out the GRF.

The SNAp 2.0 runway assessment software is operated on via a user-friendly interface on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

About SNAp 2.0

Measuring principle
Fixed Slip

Measuring System

Computer System


Quick manual calibration or optional automatic

Top of class

Measuring requirements
In accordance with ASTM E2340, FAA AC150/530-12C, ICAO Airport Service Manual, UK CAP 683

Approved by
Swedish CAA, UK CAA, FAA and Swedish Road Administration

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Measuring and working ranges up to 360 km

Mercedes eVito gives you a driving range of up to 360 km and a great water loading capacity, making SARSYS Friction Tester eVito provide well enough friction measuring distance for a full working day.

The exact range is dependent on several factors, for example driving behavior, speed, payload, temperature, and tire pressure. The smooth and efficient driving already important when measuring friction, works in favor for maintaining optimized range. Mercedes eVito consumes somewhere between 2.5-2.7 kWh per 10 km.


Up to 360 km range


50 minutes charging time at quick charging stations


2.5-2.7 kWh electricity consumption per 10 km

Quick charging

Despite great range, charging time is crucial for having access to an effective friction tester, at all times. Mercedes eVito charges from 10 % to 80 % capacity in about 50 minutes using a fast speed charging station with maximum 50 kW. Battery condition, energy consumption and lifespan will stay healthier when altering to normal or slower charging speed as often as possible.

EV means less maintenance

Electric vehicles are constructed differently compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. Fewer moving parts, no oil that needs changing, simplified exhaust system, fewer liquids overall, and less vibrations and heat stress are some design factors that reduces maintenance for electric vehicles in comparison. 

Investing in an electric friction tester is a sustainable decision long term and short term. The positive effects on economy and carbon dioxide emissions are instant.

A powerful

A powerful transporter

Our SARSYS Friction Tester eVito is a powerful transporter. As you already understood by now, the operational capacity due to range and water loading capacity, will facilitate measuring over great areas day after day. This makes eVito is a powerful tool in friction measurement on roads and runways. eVito has yet an even greater power, the power to take on challenges considering our very own existence: reducing CO2 emissions without compromising effectiveness, precision, or comfort.

The road to sustainability

Not only is choosing electric vehicles an obvious way to lower CO2 emissions, choosing SARSYS Friction Tester eVito is an act to support further development in preventing pollutions and negative climate impact. Mercedes-Benz Sweden has since 1996 answered to their ISO 9001 certificate and since 2000 fulfilled their ISO 14001 certificate, both issued by BSI, the British Standards Institution.

Driver safety

To guarantee driver safety, eVito has undergone the same extensive safety protocols and collision tests as any other transporter. 

The powertrain, high-voltage battery and wiring of the Mercedes eVito are all placed in a protective case that separates voltage from reaching the driver and other areas of the vehicle. 

Should the accident be upon you, eVito has an inbuilt safety button. Rescue personnel can easily cut off the voltage supply and make the vehicle to a safe zone during their operation.


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