SARSYS® Trailer (STFT)

SARSYS Trailer Friction Tester


  • Measuring programme in accordance with ICAO and FAA
  • Approved by SCAA (Swedish Civil Aviation Authority)
  • Standard equipped with water tank (build in) for maintenance measuring
  • Wireless communication
  • Windows based measuring computer (Touchscreen)
  • Only one computer are used for measuring, reporting, analyzing and sending the measured data
  • Operational efficiency, Modern technology
  • The trailer frame/tank manufactured of stainless/acid proof steel.

The Sarsys Surface Trailer Friction Tester (STFT) has been a success on the market since it was released in 2003, the same principle as the SVFT and SFT most of the components are the same. The STFT are balanced / weighted for perfect repeatability of the full measurements length on runway, taxiways, roads and highways. The self watering system on the STFT is build-into the chassis of the unit. This means that you do not need to have a extra water tank on the towing vehicle. You have it all in one unit. In this way you do not need any cables or hoses from the STFT to the host car. You can use the available towing vehicle quick and easy without any connection of cables and hoses.

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