T2GO Friction Tester

Main Product Features

Sarsys-ASFT has developed a highly versatile friction tester, T2GO, which can measure friction on any surface both dry and contaminated. It is ideal for measuring in areas where it might be difficult to get access to with a larger trailer or vehicle type friction tester. Some areas where it is being operated today are:

  • Accident investigation by Police Force and insurance companies
  • High friction areas such as crosswalks, bus stops, roundabouts etc
  • Control friction levels in winter ops at sidewalks, etc
  • Airports - Landside and airside
  • Walkways and bicycle paths
  • Road markings (EN1436)
  • Helidecks (CAP 437)
  • Racing Circuits 
  • Factory floors
  • Oil platforms 
  • Cargo boats
  • Etc

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